Status: Aetna CVS View in Android SDK Reference

Snackbars shows brief messages at the bottom of the app screen.


Snackbar informs users of a process that an app has performed or will perform. Do not place core app functionality into a Snackbar.

Snackbars appear above all other elements on screen and only one can be displayed at a time.

Use up to two lines of text to communicate the snackbar message
Do not use a snackbar if there is a need to present multiple actions. Use a dialog instead


Snackbar is present on a screen until:

  • A user dismisses it by interacting with a button (used with indefinite duration).
  • A user goes to another screen of the app.


  • A snackbar should be placed at the bottom of a UI.
  • Always place a snackbar in front of the content.
  • Avoid placing snackbars in front of navigation components or of frequently used touch targets.
  • Place snackbars in front of medium extended sheets.

Visual Style

Snackbar contains a message and a single action. If a button label is too long it’s allowed to go on a separate line.

Content Strategy

Inform the user of something that just happened or is about to happen. Keep it short and focused, and always provide an action. If there’s no specific action required, use “Dismiss” as the default. Do not swap out “Dismiss” for “Close” or “Hide” or other close alternatives.

The message should be no more than 2 lines (approximately 70 characters). Use familiar words, phrases and actions that users can easily scan and react to.

Follow normal casing and punctuation rules (e.g., use end punctuation only for full sentences).


Snackbars, from an Accessibility perspective, are one of the simpler forms of status updates. Unlike their cousins, modals and dialogs, they don’t need to behave modally. They just need to announce their presence and be dismissed at the appropriate times, while ensuring the user has a chance to engage with them in context.


  • Should remain on screen until dismissed or until the user navigates away from the context in which they are relevant.
  • Should announce themselves upon being added to the screen.

Focus Expectations

  • Focus should NOT be forcibly moved to the Snackbar.
  • The Snackbar should be focused after the main content view.

Screen Reader Expectations

  • An Android Accessibility Announcement should be played immediately when the Snackbar appears announcing its main content.
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