The Enterprise Digital Design System team highly encourages you to look in the Enterprise Digital Design System first when starting a new feature.

This Aetna-based Anatomy design system will remain in place until all components, assets, and documentation have been migrated over to the new system.

If you have questions regarding which component to use for implementation, please contact us via our request form.


Anatomy aims to be flexible, functional, and help designers and developers work together to create cohesive products that look and act as expected.

  1. Web componentsv2.12.1
  2. iOS components v2.16.141
  3. Android components


What's a design system?
A design system is a collection of principles, components, patterns, and style guidelines offered as code, Sketch assets, and documentation. It helps increase efficiency, enable re-usability at scale, and helps maintain consistency between design and code.
Who works on Anatomy?
Initially, most of the work will be done by us, the Anatomy team. We're a small, cross-functional team dedicated to this full-time. As Anatomy matures, we hope to allow contributions from any CVS or Aetna Digital designer and developer.
What platforms does Anatomy support?
Anatomy support Android, iOS, and Web. Web has a sizable headstart on the other two platforms and, as such, has more documentation and better support. We're working hard to bring all platforms closer to parity.
What's the Anatomy team working on?
We're setting up environments and automation, architecting how components get consumed by adopting apps, researching and defining work to unify design and code documentation, and releasing two components. You can see our commitments and progress on our Rally board.
How can you request an addition or change?
The Anatomy team will evaluate all requests, and in many cases, schedule a meeting with the requester to learn more. Requests will generally be weighed on factors such as severity, frequency, value, and team bandwidth before any type of work commitment.

Submit a feature or change on the Anatomy request form.
How can you get access to the Anatomy Sketch libraries?
We have libraries for each of our platforms—Web, iOS, and Android. Instructions for getting access and setting them up can be found on our Confluence.

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Work request? Submit a feature or change on the Anatomy request form.

General feedback? Find us on Microsoft Teams and email.