Sheet modal

Status: Unplanned

Interstitial for viewing large content that cannot fit inside of a modal.



With utility items

With back arrow

With control bar

Without header


Use when presenting display-focused content within the context of a page, such as Member ID cards
Avoid using for small amounts of content. Use a modal instead.


The sheet modal overlays the entire screen. It should fade in smoothly with the header sliding down from the top.

Always remove the header section for a success, confirmation, or error message to provide the user with one clear way to exit in the form of a CTA

Avoid content that scrolls.

Never close the modal by clicking on the background.

On mobile, sheet modals become full-page modals and follow mobile modal guidelines

Visual style

Both desktop and tablet header elements follow the same spacing rules, other than adhering to breakpoint margins. Apply a gaussian blur to the background content the sheet modal sits on top of for these two breakpoints.

Desktop header (left)
Desktop header (right)
Desktop header (right) with utility items
Desktop header (left) with back arrow
Desktop header (left) with control bar
Horizontally center content. Vertically center un-scrollable content within the viewport.
Mobile with utility items and control bar
Avoid using different background colors other than the 95% white



  • Manually triggered by user
  • Display additional information and may include a call to action

Keyboard/focus expectations

  • Enter/Spacebar activates trigger on manually activated modals
  • Focus is trapped within modal until it is closed
  • All buttons in modal receive keyboard focus and operable with a keyboard alone
  • Tab/Shift + Tab move focus to the next/previous focusable element
  • Escape closes the dialog
  • When the dialog is closed, focus returns to the trigger element

Screen reader expectations

  • Announces dialog when it appears. Ex.  “Web Dialog…
  • “X” close button, upper right corner, is identified as a “Close” button. Ex. “…Close Button
  • For dynamic content (e.g. Price a service) errors will be read in order of appearance within the content
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