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Getting Started

Gradle Imports

In your top-level build.gradle file:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        // NOTE: Must be connected to VPN to access
        // Aetna Release builds:
        maven { url "" }
        // Aetna Snapshot builds (testing purposes only):
        maven { url "" }
        // CVS Release builds:
        maven { url "" }

In your app-level build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    implementation "$enterprise_version"

See Releases for our latest version, or see Browsing Nexus Repository for all builds including Snapshots.

Theme Setup

Modify your existing Application Theme specified in AndroidManifest.xml to inherit from the desired Design System theme:

NOTE: Theme naming convention is as follows: Enterprise_Theme_BRAND

<style name="AppTheme" parent="Enterprise_Theme_Aetna">
    <!-- App-specific theme overrides can go here, for example NoActionBar: -->
    <item name="windowActionBar">false</item>
    <item name="windowNoTitle">true</item>


Git Submodule Setup

To start contributing to the project, first make sure the Git Submodules are working (see .gitmodules). You may need to configure them as demonstrated below.

To use SSH:

git config submodule.enterprise-assets.url

To use HTTPS:

git config submodule.enterprise-assets.url

Browsing Nexus Repository

NOTE: Must be connected to VPN to access

Go to Nexus Repository: (recommend filtering by maven)


For Release builds, select maven-releases

For Snapshot builds, select maven-snapshots

NOTE: Snapshot builds are automatically published from every commit and will expire after some time, as such they are for testing purposes only.


After selecting the desired version, you can find the gradle import in the panel on the right:


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